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The A+ Job

2015.05.05 13:00:00

Tomorrow I start a new job at a new company. I thought it a good moment to reflect on my most recent job, which I considered my first A+ job. I was in the company that Uber acquired (and I say it like that as people have started forgetting deCarta's name, at least in my conversations).

I was and still am excited for the acquisition. It was the first acquisition where I was on the being-acquired end. I was also honored to be wanted on the engineering team for Uber, but after trying the commute from Santa Clara to San Francisco, I realized it was something that wouldn't work for the dad version of me.

However that meant that I needed to look for a new job because my old job was no more.

Thankfully I could contract and work on my last project while I interviewed (a testament to the cool attitude of the people working and managing deCarta). I failed my first 2 interviews that I had, and thinking back about them, it was probably for the best. Not because I didn't want to work for those companies, as I did, but I was interviewing for the wrong reasons. Of course everyone needs a paycheck -- well at least I still need a paycheck -- but interviewing because I "need a job" never goes that well.

I took the failures to heart and started to dissect them. What I found myself looking at was how sad I was about my job at deCarta being no more. The last few months during the acquisition (I had no proof at the time, but something was up in the atmosphere of the office, and we all sensed it) were odd. But if I lopped off those months, I realized that I had spent ~8 months in an amazing, A+ job with A+ people.

As I spent time looking around for what was next, I found myself looking for things that made the job at deCarta really great, and why the role there felt so different than any of my previous jobs.

The biggest things that I loved about my job at deCarta were also really simple:

  • A lot of freedom.
  • My skills were wanted and needed.

I don't say it enough that in any of my past jobs there were always things I liked. But feeling like I was such a fit at deCarta was really special. Whether working on customer facing products, or internal tools, or learning from teammates (deCarta attracted some of the brightest people I've ever worked with), or helping my teammates, it was fulfilling.

And tomorrow I start a new job to which I'm looking forward. What's great about this opportunity is how I feel like it might be just like the job at deCarta: excellent people, excellent opportunity to put the skills I've acquired to use, and a great product.

I don't think I would have found this opportunity were I just looking for a paycheck vs. looking for a great job.

To my five readers who peek into this blog, or the random person who wanders in, I wish you job hunting success if you are looking and may whatever job you have next be an A+ job.