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Organic coding experiment conclusion

2013.04.07 10:52:02

Watching my normal habits rarely leads me to new conclusions in life, but the path traveled can be rewarding. In previous articles (here, and here) I took a look at how I write code when, other than daydreaming, I do zero design up front. What did I do? How did I work? The results are not surprising.

I had a spring break of sorts over the last week, and took the time to revisit my current understanding of JavaScript in the browser within the world of a 2d canvas. I explored another game library called gamejs in the hopes of making my life easier. It did, sort of. Wrote some more performance tests on jsperf. Improved shootdown, my not-really-a-game.

After beginning to make some real progress this week, I arrived at the same conclusion I always have about coding and software development. Coding is time consuming work. Organic code or well designed code, it is still work. External frameworks available or not, it is still work. All software evolves organically, rigorous design process or not.

I did post a step 12 of shootdown so go make some confetti in space. I will likely not tag future updates of shootdown, but I will likely evolve the code into what I'm calling "Seizure causing confetti pigs." Same repo, some future time.

But that's it. We wind up exactly where we started, as is usual in life.